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Glenn Miller's Disappearance

Glenn Miller was a highly gifted trombonist whose original arrangements of precise ......... delighted audiences across America.
On December 15, 1944 Miller and two air force officers left southern England in a single engine aircraft, bound for Paris. Their disappearance created so much distress that an official ......... was held.
Miller adored playing music on his trombone and often quoted the ......... "It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing." In actuality,he borrowed the quote from Duke Ellington.
By the age of 34, Miller had formed his own band, having a clarinet lead the saxophones. The ......... and revolutionary sound quickly made him a favorite with audiences.
Glen Miller decided to abandon his career temporarily to enlist in the Army. He was almost rejected due to poor eyesight, but it was decided he could organize the Army band and boost ..........
Many explanations and rumors ......... experts as to Miller's disappearance. It was only after the release of the movie about his life, that a feasible answer was found.
A former British navigator revealed he had been ordered to ......... bombs before returning to base. At the same time, he saw a small plane directly underneath them crash into the sea.
There seemed to be ......... holes in the navigator's story, especially when the jettison time did not match the time Miller's plane would have been in the area after take-off.
The navigator's ......... in what he saw was verified when the investigator realized the RAF had been operating on Greenwich Mean Time, while Miller's plane was operating on local time. His plane would have been directly underneaththeRAF when all of the bombs were jettisoned.
Just a few weeks before Glenn Miller's death, he recorded favorite tunes played by the Army Air Force Band. According to many soldiers, listening to the ......... tunes was the greatest morale builder they ever heard.