ESL, Napredna razina

English Slang Idioms (121)

He made some poor financial choices in the last year. He spent more than he earned by acquiring things he didn't need and by trying to buy the coolest stuff. Now he was paying for his irresponsible spending in a day to day struggle to keep the ......... at bay. He worked all the time and, ironically, had no time to use the things he bought.
One criticism of American society and capitalism states that people value commodities more than spending time with other people. It also states that citizens define their self worth by how much they own. The acquisition of commodities becomes a petty race to achieve asset superiority over others as many try to " ......... the Joneses" in an attempt to gain or maintain a social level.
It is a commonly known fact that in North America, many teenagers struggle with depression and finding self-worth. As adults, it is our job to help motivate them as well as help them explore their inner-self to achieve a healthy self-image and assist them in finding different ways to keep their ......... in the face of adversity.
His father always encouraged him to keep his ......... when others were testing him. It was his belief that if one reacted to the taunting or prodding, those who tested him would have achieved their goal at his expense.
"We need to find out our competitor's weaknesses and exploit them in the marketplace. I need each of you to keep your ......... so that we might pick up on hints about what their Achilles' Heel might be," the boss told her staff.
"You are getting off track and are spending more time trying to perfect the way you want this ad to look rather than focusing on the specifications listed by the client. You need to keep your eye on ......... here, Bill," Wallace told him.
He complained to his parents that he was sick of college, the papers required, all the group projects and the homework. His father replied that since he was only two semesters away from his degree, that he should keep his ......... and just get through it.
"Hey guys. I lost my CD that has all of my required reading for my Gender and Communications class. I don't expect any of you to know where it is but can you all keep your eyes ......... and let me know if you find it?" He asked his roommates.
"I will talk to my parents and ask them if they would be willing to sell the car in their garage. I think my dad wanted to restore it but I will ask them anyway. Keep your ......... and I will call you as soon as I talk to them about it and have an answer," Jack told his buddy.
"Sir, there is no reason to yell at me yet since I haven't yet had the oppurtunity to research your case. It'll just take a minute for me to get up to speed on what is going on with your situation so keep your .........," the customer service representative for the insurance company told the angry caller.