ESL, Napredna razina

English Slang Idioms (111)

Many people in America believe that college is more about proving one can ......... than getting an education that actually prepares you for a career.
"I went to see the presidential candidate speak in our town and let me tell you, it was a ......... out there. You couldn't hear the man speak, fights were breaking out, everyone was yelling and cussing at each other and someone's car was flipped over," Lisa told Elizabeth.
"I tried to get our point across but the press conference turned into a .......... The reporters were more concerned with non-politically correct comments made by a staff member and about some of our senior members' personal lives. None of them would listen to what I had to say about expanding our company into the Western United States," Bill told his boss.
"Did the board make a decision yet? No, the ......... is still out on that issue but I will let you know when a decision has been made," Linda said to Derek.
"We should be seeing the turn-off soon. The man at the gas station said that it is up one block and around the .........," Matt told his wife.
"I heard that your brother received two years in jail for theft. I am glad that he got his .......... It made me sick to think of how many things he stole from people's houses," Emma's stepmother told her.
When asked by his friends why he wanted to go to the river, he replied "Just for the ......... of it, I guess. It's hot and going to the river is something to do at least."
"Just for the ........., I have never agreed with the war in Iraq but I do support the troops that are there," the candidate said to the public.
"I got the piece into my editor's office just in the ......... of time. If I had been any later, I would have missed my deadline. The boss said that if that happened again, I would be fired," Nate said to Logan.
"You know, when you first asked me to go to the burger joint, I didn't really want to go. I didn't think I was hungry. It turns out that I am ravenous. This burger is just what the ......... ordered," Chen said to Maxine.