ESL, Napredna razina

English Slang Idioms (103)

Marcie thought that, perhaps, she made a mistake by telling the employees they could invite family members. She thought that family members meant a spouse but the people showing up in ......... appeared to be comprised of children, elderly folks and brothers and sisters.
"Matt, originally, when I asked you to help me move into New Jersey, I told you there would be five others that would also help. They all cancelled and I know you are having problems with your shoulder so if you can't make it, I understand." "Jim, I told you I would come and I will. That is too bad about the others but in for a ........., in for a pound I guess."
"Hi, Marcie, it's Rick. Just wanted to call and let you know how things are going and to say thanks again for helping me get the financing for my business. The business is in full ......... and is expected to turn a profit this year. Well, give me a call when you can. Bye."
"Richard, it's Max. Sorry I haven't called lately. I have been working overtime — nights and weekends — on our new computer system and it's software. We are really in high ......... at the moment and I haven't had much time for anything. I'll call as soon as I get a break."
"Gabrielle, I am very happy to see you in such high .......... I know you have been going through a lot lately and I was getting worried about you. You used to liven up the office so much with your smile but you have seemed so sad lately," Marcie said.
"Hi Jim. It's Marcie. I am sorry to say that in ......... of your recent oversights, I can not offer you a Christmas bonus since the bonus is performance-based. I hope you understand."
"Hey, Jacob, did you hear Jackie quit? She was the only one here who might have been a rival for the new supervisor position. Now that she is gone, you are ......... like Flynn!" Rick told him.
"Hi, Jim, it's Marcie again. My assistant told me that you have not completed the expenses and liabilities for this month. It was due by four and it's now five o'clock. You and I need to set up a meeting. You are really in my ......... books at the moment and we need to work this out."
"Hi, Gabrielle, it's Marcie. I just wanted to say thanks for helping Jim out with his work. You didn't need to; it's not even in your field. In my ........., that is the kind of behavior that deserves a reward. I am nominating you for the awards package."
"Hi, Peter, it's Marcie. I must be honest; I wasn't sure that you were going to make it here but you sure proved me wrong. You have consistently gone above and beyond the standard and you are definitely in my ......... books."