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Real Life: Watching Movies (1)

Karen: Did you like that movie yesterday?Tamara: Yes, it was really .......... I had no idea what was going to happen and I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole movie.
Karen: What about that ......... movie we saw last week? I really didn't like it at all. I don't like movies that are ultra-modern, unconventional and bizarre.Tamara: Really. I loved it because the director took a lot of chances and I like the off-beat feel it had.
Karen: Are you kidding? It was depressing and boring. I like movies that are light and .......... That's why I watch movies — to escape and relax.
Tamara: I see. So, you mean you like ......... movies? They are wholly made to appeal to the general public and, of course, have to include a lot of fight scenes and explosions in order to make a lot of money. I think movies should be deeper than that.
Karen: That's right the more ........., the better. I don't like to think too much because I have to think a lot at work. I want to watch something that is easy to follow and kind of shallow.
Tamara: I understand what you're saying but I love when a movie is .......... I love thinking about complex plots and characters. Superficial movies are so boring. I suppose I need more of a challenge.
Karen: I guess so because you sure do choose some crazy movies. Just like that foreign film you chose two weeks ago. I hate reading ..........
Tamara: What about that movie about that boy escaping from Hungary after the war? That wasn't a mainstream movie and it was ......... on a true story.
Karen: Oh yeah. That was a real .......... Yes, I really enjoyed that movie even though it was sad. I loved the storyline and how the director filmed it. OK, so maybe I don't only enjoy superficial movies.
Aha! See, there are some artsy movies that you enjoyed. But I understand the appeal of the ......... stuff. Sometimes, you just want to sit and enjoy a simple and entertaining movie.