ESL, Napredna razina

Mixed Prepositional Phrases (2)

Did you hear about Chantelle and Bruce? They broke ......... last week. They just weren't getting along anymore so they decided to go their separate ways. It's too bad, though, because I thought they made such a good couple.
I'm so angry at that mechanic. He said everything was OK after my tune-up last week but my car broke ......... again yesterday. I was stranded on the side of the road for about an hour before the car service company arrived.
Nancy is really broken ......... about her father's death. They were really close and he died so suddenly of a heart attack. I think I'm going to bring her some supper tonight.
I know that Tim is ......... good with the boss but he should still get fired for what he did. Just because he is favored doesn't mean he should receive any special treatment.
I had no idea about what goes on ......... the scenes of a rock concert until I got back stage passes. It's really like another world back there.
Trust me. I know ......... experience that disagreeing with the boss is a bad idea. He nearly fired me for just expressing my opinion in the last meeting last month.
He is ......... the opinion that all women should stay home and take care of their kids. He doesn't believe that women should ever work. I totally hate that guy!
Bryan was an innocent bystander. ......... no fault of his own, he was nearly killed when a stray bullet hit him in the chest. The gang members who fired the guns are now in custody and, thankfully, Bryan is in stable condition at the hospital.
Sorry Karen. I'm ......... duty now and I want to go home. You'll have to ask someone else to help with the filing because I'm finished for the day.
Yes, I'm ......... duty now. I just started work about 10 minutes ago so what can I do for you?