ESL, Napredna razina

Real Life: Personalities (4)

I know that I should try to save more money but I'm just not that ......... by nature. I wish I was more cautious about my spending. Maybe I can take a course on it or something.
I really like our social studies teacher. She certainly tries to be ......... when we are having serious discussions about politics in class. She is almost always unbiased and lets us state our opinions without judgment.
You are so .........! I can't believe that you can make those kinds of statements about Betty when you don't even have all of the facts. You are way too negative and condemnatory.
John is a very ......... worker. Every day, he gets his work done well before the deadline and then starts on new projects before his co-workers have even finished their initial projects for the day.
My grandfather has a lot of money but he is a very ......... man. He won't spend a dime on anything or anyone. Last year, my parents both got laid-off due to the economic recession and when they asked him for help, he told them to spend less on groceries until they both find jobs again.
My thirteen-year-old is very ......... for his age. He always does his homework and he is never late. And, he does his chores on the weekend without any prompting on my part.
You are so .......... You're a very good artist and I think you should display your work in that beautiful gallery downtown.
Amanda is very ......... about her personal life. She doesn't like to give out any personal information and minds her own business at work.
Bob is very .......... He is so delightful and has kind of a magnetic personality.
That politician is quite .......... He seems like he is a natural leader because he evokes such enthusiasm in others and, subsequently, has a lot of the popular vote.