ESL, Napredna razina

Real Life: Telecommunications (2)

Hi Honey, I am just calling to say I love you quickly and will call back later. I have a ......... call I have to be on in ten minutes. The manager from each division will be a part of it as will the CEO. I've got to go now and prepare for it.
You are going to the beach today? I am not sure if I can come. Will you have your ......... phone on while you are out there? I will call you in a few hours on it and let you know if I can meet you there.
Thanks for your cell phone number. Do you have a land ......... as well? If you do, I can get a hold of you or at least leave a message if your phone battery is dead.
You tried to call my cell phone earlier? Sorry, I didn't get your call. I was hiking in the woods and my phone didn't get any ......... there.
Unfortunately, I don't know the telephone number for my auto mechanic right off hand. I'll give you his name and you'll have to look him up in the ......... pages to get his number.
I don't have any change either for the pay phone. Why don't you try to give your parents a ......... call? I am sure they will accept the charges. I am sure they will have a jack for your car so we can change the tire.
How many ......... do you get with your cell phone plan? I only get 300 and I usually run out of them within two weeks and then I can't use my cell phone until the new monthly billing period starts.
You don't need change to call this tow-truck. They have a 1-......... number listed in the phone book so you can call them for free.
I am glad the tow-truck has a .........-free number available; otherwise, we'd be in trouble. I have no change and no phone card.
I don't have my cell phone anymore; they ......... it off last week since I didn't pay my bill for the last two months. Here is my parents' number. They can get a message to me.