ESL, Napredna razina

English Slang Idioms (105)

"Hi, Jane, it's Tim. I am sorry that I didn't show up on Saturday. It's really embarrassing — I was in the ......... all weekend. The cops thought I was someone else. As it turns out, I have the same name as a wanted criminal but a different social security number."
May knew that she shouldn't be angry at Ted for breaking their engagement but she couldn't help it. She was really looking forward to it. He called and said that he had to watch his brother's house since his brother had been thrown in the ......... again for drunk driving.
She had been waiting for the appointment to the review committee for a very long time and now she was in the ..........
He knew that as a lawmaker, he should be proud of himself. He had been instrumental in creating laws that would really increase the quality of life for people in his community — often in the ......... of a lot of opposition from the older, conservative members of society.
"Hi Julia, I'm Mark. I know we've talked a lot on the phone and by email but I am glad to finally meet you in the .........."
He knew that he was more than well-off and he should be happy with his stature but it ate him up that his brother was really in the .......... It seemed like no matter what he bought or accomplished, his brother bought or accomplished something bigger and better.
The opportunity to make serious money is much easier for those "in the ......... " than for outside investors working on public knowledge disseminated through newspapers, journals, and TV programs.
He knew that there was little incentive for those who had virtually unlimited resources notto buy expensive, frivolous items. However, he knew that it didn't take much money to save a person's life in some countries. He hoped he would remember that if he ever became one of those people in the ......... of luxury.
He knew, that in the ........., he would be better off financially than his best friends. It was hard, though, to save money and live a cheaper life when everyone else he knew was spending what they earned and enjoying it.
He knew there was a lot more going on in the investigation than his superiors and even his partners were telling him. He had been a police officer for twenty years and it burned him up that new things were happening in the case and he was being kept out of the ..........