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Real Life: Business Jargon (4)

I like your idea but I think you will need a different kind of advertising ......... to inform customers about your product. Running ads in the newspaper won't reach as many people as local television commercials will.
I don't think you should market your product in that area of the world. It is very expensive and ......... in that area don't have much buying power. The average citizen earns less in a year there than you do in two weeks.
I know ......... are responsible for many of a company's sales and they help keep the cost of cable service low but they sure are annoying. Only seventeen minutes of the past half-hour program was spent airing the show I wanted to watch.
Direct ......... is a good way of reaching your target market. One can also craft a cover letter that is tailored to suit each existing client. This medium is effective but is costly if you look at it from the perspective of how much it costs to inform each person about the new product.
I didn't know so much of this sales job would revolve around ......... calling potential customers. I am good at talking to people — in person — but not over the phone. So far I haven't made one sale this way.
Many companies will offer discounts if you use their credit cards. The credit card usage tells them a lot about customer buying ......... within their stores and more than offsets the cost of the discount. It is a cheap way to get a lot of marketing research done.
Our town just passed a law banning the use of ......... around here. I will miss seeing them on the roadways. They remind me of when I was young and I like the brightly colored pictures on them. As a form of advertising, they are the least intrusive.
I loathe ......... advertising. You can barely go anywhere anymore without someone coming up to you and interrupting you in an attempt to sell you something you didn't ask for or want.
I don't know that we can beat the competition if we offer a similar widget to the one they have. They have such a strong ......... image. Everyone knows who they are and what they offer.
A business can increase its ......... by increasing its revenues or by cutting costs.