ESL, Napredna razina

Real Life: Personalities (2)

Curt is so .......... He always brags about how smart he is and about how competent he is at work. He likes himself way too much.
I asked Sandra to go to a movie last week. However, we didn't end up going because she's so .......... She couldn't make up her mind about anything.
My husband is really .......... He's usually very reasonable and he always thinks things through and then makes the most practical decision.
I love my friend, Lucy. She is always happy and she's .......... If I'm having a bad day, I just call her up and she makes me feel better because she has such a love for life.
I can't say anything around Jane anymore. She's really been ......... lately and I'm not sure what to do about it. She's really sad and cries a lot. I think she may have to seek professional help at this point.
My friend, Thomas, has a very ......... mind. He is curious about a lot of things. He has a real thirst for knowledge and asks a lot of questions about everything.
I went out with Diane a few times but I found her to be very .......... She seems desperate to make friends and, after only one date, she told me that she had already developed a very strong emotional attachment for me. She's kind of scary, actually.
My boss is very .......... He is so hard to please. Most days, I feel like I'm bending over backwards for him and he's still not happy with the work I do. I can't believe how particular he is about everything.
Our neighbors are very ......... people. They are a little shy at first but, once you get to know them, they are very personable and helpful.
My uncle is very .......... He goes on trips around the world at least every two years and he also has a huge mansion in Beverly Hills. He never shares his fortune, though. That's probably why he's still so rich.