ESL, Napredna razina

Vocabulary Practice: Swimming Pools (3)

The front ......... is a common swimming style that is used by many swimmers. This is accomplished when a swimmer throws one arm up into the air and then directly forward into the water, followed by the other arm in a continuous, stroking motion.
......... is accomplished when swimmers slip into the water at an angle. Swimmers first put their arms in front of their heads and then jump into the water, hands first, at an angle.
A belly ......... occurs when a person attempts to dive but goes into the water in a horizontal motion rather than at an angle. A person's belly hits the water first and this can be painful at times.
Many health ......... and hotels have swimming pools for their customers' enjoyment.
The doggie ......... is a simplistic, swimming style that is used by many beginners. This is a good way to keep your head above water while swimming.
A ......... pool is a shallow pool constructed for children.
......... water is a swimming style or stroke that keeps a person in a vertical position while in the water. While doing this stroke, a person's head stays above water by thrusting and thrashing the arms and legs in a back and forth motion. This stroke is helpful and quite essential when trying to save someone else from drowning.
Swimmers can lie on their backs and push themselves through the water by lifting and dropping their arms, behind their heads, in a continuous, stroking motion. This style is called the ......... stroke.
The area that surrounds a swimming pool is called the ..........
......... swimming is a dance that takes place in the water with music accompaniment. This is an artistic routine where a group of swimmers move and dance, usually at the same time, in the water.