Checking information - 09 - English at Work checks that things are correct


Narrator: Welcome back! This is what's happening today: as a result some of embarrassing mistakes in deliveries, Tip Top Trading's big boss in America has ordered a re-check of every order this month. So, Paul is talking to key customers to see if they've got what they needed:

Paul: I just want to check you're happy with the grapes?

Narrator: Tom, whom we all know was responsible for the disaster, is phoning his clients to make sure he has the correct information about what they want:

Tom: Ya, yah, I just want to make absolutely sure we get the order right for you and have the correct number of fruit

Narrator: Denise is, well, talking on the phone to a friend.

Denise: Brown shoes don't look right on him! He's not a brown shoe sort of person

Narrator: Anna has to go down to the warehouse, where the products are prepared for delivery.

Anna: I have to speak to Mr Ingle. Apparently he's not very friendly! He might not like me asking lots of questions!

Narrator: Well, be polite, and start your sentences with things like:

I just want to make sure that

Could you possibly clarify

I just want to check

Just to be absolutely clear

One thing I wasn't sure of was

Narrator: Good luck!

Anna: Mr Ingle, I don't think we've met yet, I'm Anna.

Ingle: Hello. Oi! What are you doing with those boxes? I told you to put them in storage. Anna, eh?

Anna: Yes, sorry to bother you, I just want to check something. We've had a few problems with orders….

Ingle: Well, that's not my fault. I do exactly what I'm asked to do. (To workers) No, not there, in storage!

Anna: Oh, well, I just want to make sure that….

Ingle: Thirty years I've been doing this job, and I've never made a mistake.

Anna: Of course, but because we've had problems, we need to make absolutely sure that all deliveries are correct.

Ingle: Humph.

Anna: Could you possibly clarify what went out in today's delivery to Mr Berry of, er, Bluetree Enterprises?

Ingle: 500 redcurrants.

Anna: Right. That's fine.

Narrator: Well done Anna, this is going very well. Remember that other phrase – "I just want to check…"

Anna: OK. Now, I just want to check what was sent to Cocoline Limitedit should have been fifteen mangos

Ingle: That's right.

Anna: Great, and just to be absolutely clear, you sent the soft mangos, not the plastic ones?

Ingle: Yes, just like I was told to.

Anna: Good. One thing I wasn't sure of was whether we had enough yellow bananas in stockI know there are some purple ones, but-

Ingle: We do need more yellow bananas.

Anna: Okay, I'll just write that down. Thank you Mr Ingle. By the way, I like your overalls!

Ingle: Oh thanks.

Narrator: Well he was a bit unfriendly, but Anna got what she needed. Here are the phrases she used:

I just want to make sure that

Could you possibly clarify

I just want to check

Just to be absolutely clear

One thing I wasn't sure of was

Well, everything in the warehouse seems to be okay. Back in the office, Tom is having less luck.

Tom: (on the phone) Really? Here it says 5,000 not fiveoh

Narrator: It's going to be a long day for him! Until next time. Bye!