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If you like, movies, love learning English,

and you also want to understand a little more about American pop culture.

Well then this lesson is for you.

Hey everyone, my name is Wes. This is Interactive English,

which is all about helping you practice and improve your English skills.

And today I want to talk to you about some famous movie one liners,

some movie quotes that have gone beyond the films from,

from which they have come to become embedded in American pop culture.

So these are movie quotes that are easily recognizable,

especially in the United States,

but I think that they're pretty well known throughout the world because the

movies that I'm going to talk to you about are, are pretty famous.

So you can use these quotes in everyday conversation if you happen to find

yourself in a particular situation and the quote is relevant or you can use them

just for fun to see if other people can recognize the quote and the movie that

it came from, which again is part of your cultural understanding of the language,

but it also adds value to your overall English fluency.

So the first quote that I have for you is we're not in Kansas anymore and this

quote comes from the famous movie, the Wizard of Oz.

Now the Wizard of Oz was originally a book, which was also pretty famous,

but I think the quote really became popular after the movie,

and Dorothy says this too, to Todo once they arrive in Oz and she says,

well, we're not in Kansas anymore. We are in a strange and unknown place.

So you can actually use this quote.

If you find yourself in a strange and unknown place and you're with another

person who also thinks the place is strange and you can say, you know, Hey,

we're not in Kansas anymore. I don't know about this place. It's strange.

It's unknown. We're not in Kansas anymore.

Then there is another famous quote from this movie and that is there is no place like home.

There's no place like home. This quote comes from the end of the movie.

When Dorothy is clicking those slippers together and she wants to return home

and she really misses home and says, there's no place like home.

There's no place like home.

Once again, this is a quote that you can use in an everyday conversation if you want to

express that same feeling and capture that emotion.

If you are away from your home,

maybe you've been traveling for a long time and you really miss it and you were

thinking about it, you could say, you know, yeah, there's no place like that.

Then we have this quote right here. Go ahead, make my day.

Now that was a terrible Clint Eastwood impression. I'm sorry about that,

but this quote comes from the movie Dirty Harry and Clint Eastwood says this,

Go ahead. Make my day.

It's like he's asking them to react so that he can react and that's what this

quote means, that you are you.

You hope that another person continues with the action that they're doing so

that you can react and do something else that might give you pleasure.

This is a quote that you may hear in other TV shows or movies,

and they may say it to reference this movie, this particular quote,

but again,

you can use it if you find yourself in that situation and it's like you want to

dare the person to continue doing whatever it is they're doing and you'd say,

go ahead, make my day.

Next is the quote.

Say hello to my little friend and this maybe you don't recognize it by the way

that I just said it there,

but it comes from the movie Scarface. And this was a a popular gangster movie

from a long time ago and he says,

say hello to my little friend when he's getting ready to fire a missile launcher

and actually kill some people.

This is a quote that probably you're not going to, you're not going to say it.

At least I hope you wouldn't say it and be firing some kind of gun or weapon at somebody

else, but it is something that you may come across in other TV shows or movies.

So if you do hear it, then you know where it came from.

It came from the movie Scarface.

Now this is a movie that I have actually never seen, but I,

just growing up in the United States,

I was very familiar with this quote because you just hear it from time to time.

It's just a part of pop culture.

Then we have, and this is one of my favorite quotes, and it is I'll be back.

I'll be back. This is my, my Terminator impression and it,

it's a very bad Arnold Schwartzenegger impression. I apologize.

But this quote comes from the movie Terminator and he says,

I'll be back saying, you know, he's going to return.

So when you think about these quotes and one liners and about how you can use them as a learner

this is a great way to practice shadowing and and practice your pronunciation,

your intonation, your emphasis,

and try to capture that emotion by repeating the phrase the the exact same

way that you hear it in the movie.

And the reason I say that you could try it with this one is because this is a

popular quote that people will try to say mostly because it's recognizable.

So if you find yourself in that situation where you are going to return to some

place and you're just letting the people know,

you can have a little fun with it and say, you know, I'll be back,

I will return, I will come back. But again, you have to say it like that.

I'll be back.

Another popular quote is you can't handle the truth.

And this comes from the movie. A few Good Men. This is another good one.

When you think about shadowing and you people would try to say it the same way

Jack Nicholson did in the movie. You can't handle the truth.

So if somebody is trying to get you to confess, to tell the truth,

you can just tell them you can't handle the truth and do your best.

Jack Nicholson impression. And again, this is great for shadowing.

It is a wonderful way to actually practice your spoken English.

You can't handle the truth.

Now how about you? You, you give it a try right now. Say it just like that.

You can't handle the truth. I'll wait.

Okay. Alright. That wasn't bad.

Shadowing is a great way to practice your speaking skills and if you did this,

if you participated, let me know in the comments. Just write.

You can't handle the truth. That way

I know that you are actually practicing your speaking skills,

which is what Interactive English is all about.

Then we have the quote Houston.

We have a problem.

Now this quote comes from the movie Apollo 13 which was actually based off of

the real life event,

the real life space mission Apollo 13 which which went wrong up in space in and

that is what was said. They called down to NASA,

which is located in Houston and they said, Houston, we have a problem.

The movie was made many years later.

It was very popular but I really think it was like a resurgence of this quote

and it really brought it back into the mainstream and it is something that's

very common in American pop culture.

Now this is a quote that can be used to talk about a variety of problems or

issues. If you have to tell somebody, and even if they're not in Houston,

it really doesn't matter. You could just say, you know Houston, we have a problem.

Next is...it's another one of my favorite quotes probably because I really enjoy this

movie and that is, Oh captain,

my captain. And this quote comes from the movie Dead Poets Society.

If you haven't seen it, it's a great movie. I highly recommend you check it out.

But the quote itself comes from a poem by Walt Whitman and that is a bit of an

analogy referencing, uh, the death of Abraham Lincoln.,

Now I think the meaning, Oh, captain,

my captain is kind of showing respect and reverence to the leader.

And in this case,

Maybe the reason I like the movie so much is because it talks about teaching.

It's about a teacher and his students and the students would stand up on the

desk. Oh captain, my captain, kind of showing that respect,

their admiration for the teacher.

And I think it's every teacher's dream, especially if they have seen this movie to think that,

Oh one day I, I hope the students are all standing on their desk saying,

Oh captain my captain and really showing that respect.

But unfortunately it's never happened to me.

The students have never said to me, Oh captain, my captain.

They have said some other things to me and sometimes, yeah,

it hasn't been very nice and then that's when I would tell those students, yeah,

come on, keep it up. Go ahead make my day. But this movie quote,

it's become a part of American pop culture but it's not something that may get

thrown around in everyday conversation unless you are really referencing a

leader and you're trying to reference the movie while showing respect and

admiration. It's a Oh captain, my captain. We will follow you.

We will listen to you.

Then there is another quote from this movie and that is carpe diem.

Now this is a Latin phrase,

but the movie I think really made it a lot more popular and it taught many

people like me.

It taught me what this phrase meant because before I saw the movie,

I did not know that carpe diem meant seize the day.

Take advantage of of every moment and really try to seize the day and live life

to the fullest. Carpe diem.

So this phrase is a big part of the movie. Talks a lot about that. Carpe diem. Seize the day.

Next is the quote It's alive. It's alive.

And maybe you recognize it. This quote is from the movie Frankenstein.

When Dr Frankenstein has his creation come to life, he's yelling,

It's alive!

So this is a...it's another quote that is easily recognizable and you could use it also to

reference the movie, but you could use it in a situation in which maybe you're,

you're trying to build something and create something and you're testing to see

if it works and if it works then you could say it's alive in reference to the

movie, but also acknowledging that yes, your creation works.

Good job.

Then we have the quote, I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.

And that...that is my Marlon Brando

impression. And that quote comes from the movie The Godfather.

Now there are so many great quotes that come from the the movie series that

The Godfather, if you haven't seen it, I suggest you check it out.

So this quote has become very well known in American pop culture and you could

use it depending on the situation that you find yourself in.

If you want somebody to to do something for you and you're going to make them an

offer so that they'll do it. You could say, you know I'm,

I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse or I'm going to make them an

offer they can't refuse and reference this Godfather quote.

Another popular quote I told you,

there are so many from The Godfather is this one.

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

Now this is a quote that did not originate with The Godfather.

Many people credit it to Sun Tzu who is a famous Chinese military general and

that, that was a long time ago. So this, this quote,

this expression has been around for a long time,

but The Godfather really put it into the mainstream.

And I think it's easily recognizable because of The Godfather.

The movie is so well known. People will,

will think of the movie when they hear this quote. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

Then we have the quote. May the force be with you. And I'm sure for many of you,

as soon as you heard the word force,

you may know that I'm talking about Star Wars.

This is a movie quote that is said many times throughout Star Wars.

Well, there's many different Star Wars movies and I think it's repeated in many of

them. May the force be with you.

That's a fun one.

I think many people get that because Star Wars is just so well known throughout the world.

Then we have you talking to me. You talking to me.

This quote comes from the movie Taxi Driver and Robert de Niro really,

really made this quote what it is, it's a part of American pop culture and I,

People associate this quote with the movie Taxi Driver. Again,

this is another movie that I haven't seen.

It's a very well known and popular movie, but I,

I've always been very familiar with this quote because I've heard it in other TV shows

other movies and people may say a jokingly when they want to reference that,

that movie and that character. You talking to me?

It's a quote that is kind of confrontational, so it's not one that I would say,

Hey, go out and use this one. If somebody is saying something to you that,

that that's not nice. That's mean maybe they're calling you a name. You could,

aAe you talking to me? You talking to me?

Next is the quote. Nobody puts baby in the corner.

And this quote comes from the movie Dirty Dancing. It's a,

it's another quote that's become pretty well known in American pop culture.

And it refers to somebody being, you know, kind of cast aside, forgotten about.

That they've been put in the corner. And he says it in reference to the main

character who's been put in the corner and he says,

nobody puts Baby in the corner and he takes her out of the corner and then they

do this, this big dance at the end.

Now this is a quote that you may hear a that references the movie,

but people will take out Baby and they will substitute another person's name

in there instead. A person who has been kind of cast aside,

forgotten about and you want to say no, we need to acknowledge this person.

We need to recognize them. Nobody puts him in the corner.

Nobody puts her in the corner. Nobody puts Wes in the corner.

At least I hope they don't.

So now I want to make you an offer that you can't refuse. All right.

I will continue to create new and exciting English lessons,

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